Introducing CSM Engage



We are delighted to announce the launch of CSM Engage in partnership with Greenroom Digital. CSM Engage is a fresh approach to sponsorship activation which focusses on the integration of numerous specialisms to drive (and attribute) positive ROI for brands and rights holders. Through CSM Engage we aim to challenge the current sponsorship status quo by activating through the full sales funnel and attributing conversion-based metrics such as customer acquisition and sales alongside standard brand awareness and engagement KPIs.


The addition of Greenroom Digital and their specialism will help us drive forward integrated digital and data-led strategies for our clients and solve the age-old problem of attributing sales, customer acquisitions and bottom-line ROI to partnerships.


“Onboarding Greenroom Digital provides CSM with the ability to activate partnerships through the full sales funnel from awareness to lead generation, customer acquisition, sales and loyalty. We can now develop and execute digital and data-led activation strategies for brand and rights holders to drive greater engagement, brand consideration, conversions and sales. I'm truly excited by CSM Engage and what it can offer the sports marketing landscape.” Jason Steele, Senior Digital Marketing Director.


Tom Huggins, Co-Founder and COO of Greenroom Digital, has recently re-located to London and has set up their global HQ within CSM and has already begun to see some promising, early wins with the CSM alliance.


“What we’re able to do at Greenroom Digital for rights holders and brands is unique and since aligning with the CSM team here in London, we have already had some great wins, with the likes of AIA Group Limited, Vitality, Specsavers, and Millennium Hotels. We’re really looking forward to delivering some strong results and seeing what comes next.” Tom Huggins, Co-Founder and COO of Greenroom Digital



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