Lenovo’s ThinkPad turns 25 this year


25 years of the iconic ThinkPad

In partnership with Lenovo, we created an unforgettable experience for international media that celebrated the past 25 years of the iconic ThinkPad and provided a sneak peek into the future of Lenovo’s tech innovation. Over the past quarter century, the evolution of the ThinkPad has impacted and powered the digital transformation of devices, workspaces and workforces.


After more than 100 million ThinkPad laptops sold, the brand invited an exclusive group of media partners from around the globe to an event which explored the world-renowned Yamato Labs in Yokohama, Japan, the birthplace of the ThinkPad. The event included an exclusive media tour of Yamato Labs to see firsthand the rigorous testing conditions that every new model of ThinkPad endures, featuring one-on-one interviews and roundtable discussions with Lenovo designers and engineers, and a series of workshops around Design, Engineering, UX and Product Assurance.

Guests were given special access to exclusive product unveilings and a dynamic timeline highlighting hero models of the product from 1992 to present and also met with the ‘father’ of the ThinkPad, Arimasa Naitoh.

We loved playing a key role in environmental décor and fabrication, project management, and event production to bring Lenovo’s big night to life in celebrating 25 years of innovation.