Rob McQueen Features in Sport Business

Super Bowl LII Adverts Reviewed

President of CSM in North America, Rob McQueen, features in Sport Business International as he shares his thoughts on the advertising trends that emerged from the latest instalment of 'The Greatest Show on Earth', Super Bowl LII.

This year's Super Bowl, hosted in Minnesota , was watched by an estimated 103.4 million people across America, making it the 10th most viewed show in US history and an ideal space for brands to engage with a mass audience. Rob provides a fascinating insight in to the winners and losers on the night, including a discussion of the brands whose adverts had a strong impact on consumers, and those that missed the mark.

"Some ads that tried to pull on the heart strings got the wrong sort of buzz or didn't really attract audience attention," Mcqueen noted.

Rob also reflects on the reasons behind the sustained drop in viewing figures in the NFL, attributing it to the increased sanitization of the "no fun league." He did, however, perceive a response to the problem this year with the NFL's launch of the 'Dirty Dancing' touchdown celebration campaign.

"It's the most fun the NFL has been off the field in years," Mcqueen said. "If they can continue that self-deprecating humour in to the off season they might change the conversation."

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