Lucozade Sport

Influencer Marketing

Lucozade Sport wanted to encourage the nation to move! Its aim was to get one million people moving more by 2020.  

To achieve this, we worked with a range of influencers to run different experiences with a common theme of the hastag #madetomove.

Our influencers included Victoria Spence & Tally Rye, Bradley Simmonds, Emily Skye, Harry Kane and Anthony Joshua.

To date, the partnership has been a great success:
• 150k people have moved more so far and there has been a 37% increase in brand consideration
• 2500 participants joined in with fitness classes at gyms around the UK and live-streamed classes gained close to 1million views in 4 hours of broadcasting.
• The Flash Run with Anthony Joshua ran on Sky Sports
• Harry Kane hosted a free training session at Powerleague for which there were 500 entries via social media.
•Victoria Spence hosted employee engagement and B2B fitness classes, 400 people in suits took part!