Land Rover


We created Land Rover’s #WEDEALINREAL to celebrate rugby and demonstrate Land Rover’s heritage and involvement in the sport to engage new audiences across key markets.

Land Rover sought to use its Rugby World Cup 2015 sponsorship to increase brand awareness, drive appeal and authenticity, generate new leads and engage internal stakeholders 

WE DEAL IN REAL celebrated rugby’s true spirit and demonstrated Land Rover’s heritage and involvement in the sport by putting stories of grassroots rugby on the world stage. This was achieved through a multi-channel social media campaign, international Trophy Tour, ambassador programme and large-scale events during the tournament.

#WEDEALINREAL was successful in leveraging Land Rover’s World Partner status across markets and generated £5m PR value pre-RWC with 2.4 million views of the manifesto film and over 8,000 interactions. The launch of #WEDEALINREAL reached 22 million people and 96 mascots were recruited internationally.