The game unites us

We were tasked to determine if sport was an appropriate national platform for AARP. If so, we were to create a cohesive strategy for how AARP can authentically partner within the sporting landscape.



Woman in AARP t-shirt showing activation to woman in LA Galaxy t-shirt

What we did

We analyzed AARP membership trends, ultimately identifying that sport would be an effective way to reach under-represented cohorts within their membership, specifically attracting more of the LatinX community.

We assessed the landscape and determined that local soccer partnerships would be the most effective platform to reach this cohort and communicate AARP’s commitment to local communities around the United States.

Our results

Over the course of three years, AARP entered into partnerships with the LA Galaxy and Houston Dynamo, targeting the LatinX heavy communities. These partnerships were effective at introducing the AARP brand-promise to new audiences, and significantly changed perceptions of the brand.


Lift in familiarity with AARP


Lift in Latinx community’s agreement that AARP is “honest & trustworthy”


More likely for fans aware of AARP's sponsorships to recommend AARP