The game unites us

We were tasked with measuring the impact of AARP’s soccer partnerships, audience perception, and consumer interest in joining AARP within the LatinX community over 50 years old.




What we did

We created a custom, cost-effective partnership impact study targeting LatinX soccer fans over 50 years old. Our team designed and administered surveys onsite at LA Galaxy and Houston Dynamo games, recruiting primarily LatinX soccer fans.

Surveys were administered in several waves, and the CSM team analyzed the results following each wave (and at the culmination of the study). Finally, we selected the top takeaways from the study and built an executive summary for AARP’s leadership on the performance of AARP partnerships.

Our results

The partnership impact study showed that across AARP’s partnerships with the LA Galaxy and Houston Dynamo, the LatinX community that had been exposed to the AARP partnership held significantly higher perceptions of AARP than the baseline in those communities. Additionally, we showed that over time, the impact of AARP’s partnerships grew.


Lift in familiarity with AARP


Lift in Latinx community’s agreement that AARP is “honest & trustworthy"”


More likely for fans aware of AARP's sponsorships to recommend AARP