Team Citi II

Upon establishing Team Citi, comprised of over 40 global Para athletes, Citi needed to collect photographs and videos of them to use for their ATL and BTL campaigns. We were tasked with coordinating schedules and travel for all athletes athletes and their companions for a two-week content shoot in Dubai.


Atushi Yamamoto Long Jump

What we did

We worked within the parameters of each athlete’s training and competition schedules to have them in Dubai for three days at a time. This included booking flights, managing visa applications, sourcing accommodation, and arranging ground transportation, for each athlete and their guest. We also had to factor their accessibility and dietary needs while traveling and during their stay in Dubai.

During each athlete’s content shoot, we ensured their sport was accurately portrayed according to Paralympic guidelines.

The results

Over the span of two weeks, over 40 athletes and their companions travelled to Dubai from over 20 countries. Still and video content was captured for each athlete and was used in internal and external campaigns leading up to Tokyo 2020.

Some key successes include:

  • Successful logistics management for over 80 athletes and companions
  • Adhered to client budget
  • Positive experiences for all stakeholders