Team Citi

Diversity and inclusion are key imperatives for Citi, the partnership with the IPC is a powerful platform to change perceptions of people with disabilities. As part of Citi’s D&I efforts, we were tasked with identifying how to engage Citi colleagues in global markets with the International Paralympic Committee partnership, encourage conversations around inclusion, and raise awareness for the Para movement.


Maciej Lepiato Vaulting mid-air

What we did

We developed an engagement strategy centred on sponsoring national Paralympic Committees and Para athletes in Citi markets around the world.

We identified NPCs and potential athletes in each target market and developed a scoring system to select athletes to comprise Team Citi. We led the contracting and negotiation process for over 40 Para athletes.

The results

Citi now works with over 20 NPCs and over 50 Team Citi athletes representing a diverse range of sports and backgrounds.

Citi colleagues were introduced to their national Paralympic committees and athletes by way of live and virtual events and were provided with the opportunity to learn more about each of the athlete’s sports, their personal journeys, and have conversations about inclusion in a meaningful way.

Colleagues supported the NPCs through joint events and the athletes as they competed in regional events and world championships, to feel part of the journey to Tokyo 2020.


Contracts negotiated for global Para Athletes


Countries engaged Citi colleagues with the IPC partnership