Stranger Things – Season 3 activation

Prior to the premiere of Season 3 of the hit Netflix original series “Stranger Things”, Netflix asked us to do something extraordinary and bring the Stranger Things universe to the exciting Coney Island and Santa Monica locations. The goal was to reach both established fans and create new ones.

Netflix - what we did image

What we did

We promoted the highly anticipated third season of Stranger Things by recreating Mayor Kline’s Fun Fair. The official launch took place at the Santa Monica Pier with special appearances from the cast members.

In the spirit of the carnival environment, we created carnival game booths with a Stranger Things spin to it with Scoops Ahoy ice cream, Hawkins city themed merchandise, and other assets from the stranger things’ universe.

The results

The results were outstanding as the reaction across social media and traditional media channels were through the roof. The Santa Monica event achieved 191k engagements and 44.4m impressions over the span of week showing just how engaged fans of the show were to the event.

The media coverage was unmatched as the two events created 17.6 billion total media impressions from 235 placements with a total ad value of 285.4 million. The event was featured in media outlets such as Yahoo, the LA Times, BuzzFeed, and Fox News.



235 Media placements

Exclusive premiums distributed


Fan participants