Boostr launches to help businesses engage and connect employees

We are delighted to announce the launch of Boostr, an employee wellness and engagement app which CSM Sport & Entertainment has built for companies across the globe. Boostr is designed to help companies create a healthier, happier, better connected and more productive workplace.

Boostr is on a mission to transform the world of work by inspiring and encouraging users to participate in a more active lifestyle, regardless of their ability. If users are already active, it will help them connect with their colleagues and focus their efforts with fun challenges. For less active users, Boostr acts as a gentle coach to support users take their first steps on a more active lifestyle journey.

Key features include:
Goals & Rewards. Every user will get a personal steps goal and when they consistently achieve these goals, they’ll get rewarded. Rewards partners include the likes of Virgin Experience Days, Les Mills, Moodfit, REBO, Hyperice, pH Nutrition, Wild UK, New Skills Academy, Moodfit, Smoovii and Earfun – with more partners set to be added
Challenges. Can be undertaken by walking/running/wheelchair pushing, cycling or swimming. These challenges can be undertaken as individuals or in teams. A CEO can invite everyone to collectively walk to the moon, or someone in the finance team can set up a global 5km Time Trial Challenge.
The Corporate Running World Cup. An annual month-long competition for all companies on the Boostr platform. The company whose employees, on average, walk/run/push the furthest over the month of October will be crowned World Champion.
Social Activity & Wellness Content. Users can send messages to engage with their co-workers and read content related to health, nutrition, hydration, and training to provide added motivation through the year.

CSM’s non-Executive Chairman Lord Sebastian Coe, said “Boostr is on a mission to change the world of work. It’s designed to help connect your employees to one another as well as support their overall health and wellbeing.”

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