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From London to New York, Hong Kong to Dubai, we operate in every corner of the world. We believe in our people and the passion that drives them, so we’ve invested in creating a culture that allows individuals to reach their true potential.

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Great minds don't always think alike

To be extraordinary, we can’t settle for ordinary. We know that a greater diversity of thought leads to better results. That’s why we push our people to challenge convention and embrace new perspectives. It is by daring to be different that we produce work our competitors don’t and won’t. That’s why, creating a diverse and inclusive workplace is important to us.


Our values

We are Brave, Curious, Open and Collaborative. We push ourselves out of our comfort zones, unafraid to explore the unknown in search of extraordinary experiences. And we embrace different opinions, bringing these unique perspectives together towards a common goal. By doing so, we make our lives richer, generating original ideas and unlocking new opportunities in the process.

These four values inform every decision we make…



We push ourselves and each other beyond our comfort zones, because we know that’s where new possibilities arise.

We empower our people at all levels to challenge convention and make positive decisions because it is by daring to be different that we consistently produce work our competitors don’t and won’t.


We leave the security of the middle ground to explore what’s at life’s edges because we know it generates original ideas and makes our work richer.

Whether it is a new skill, a new relationship or new knowledge is fueled by our collective curiosity.


We trust each other and embrace different perspectives, giving us the freedom to be bolder and more creative.

Our respect and honesty with each other and our clients is essential. It’s why we’re trusted and able to produce extraordinary work.


We work together because our collective whole is stronger than any individual.

When a new project comes in, it doesn’t matter which office or part of the business you sit in, we put together the best possible team to win.

CSM Values
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Our global people strategy

Culture and Environment: To build a world class culture and environment that encourages people to pursue extraordinary and create a positive impact both at work and beyond.

Be The Best Version of Ourselves: To develop high performing teams, who achieve more and progress higher. By investing in our learning and development platform, a robust performance management process and strategic approach to career pathing, we help our people reach their full potential.

A Sustainable Business: To create a responsible business, wholeheartedly committed to Diversity, Inclusion and Environmental Action. We want to equip our people with the tools to use the power of sport and entertainment to inspire a better world.

In our own words

“In 2019, I competed in the Special Olympics. Since then I’ve worked closely with SEDRA foundation, a non-profit organization that act as management consultants for public and private institutions, which enables and empowers People with Determination to join the work force. They have worked thoroughly with CSM and both parties gave me the opportunity to start an internship here. For the first six months I worked as an intern in the Abu Dhabi office. After a few months in the office and helping the team with admin tasks I was very happy to hear that they offered me a permanent job. Nowadays I work three days in the office and I am helping the team with all different tasks in the office or at events. I am really happy that CSM gave me this opportunity.”

Clari Lehmkuhl, Office Assistant, Abu Dhabi

In our own words

“My career journey has progressed swiftly since a fortunate encounter with our Group Commercial Director, Kevin Vandrau where I served him a pizza in my previous job. I joined the team through CSM’s grassroots program from which I received mentorship and gained hands-on experience during my placement year at university. I am grateful for all the support for my professional development and the trust shown in me through a full-time role as a Research Coordinator sitting across our Strategy & Consulting team.”

Samson Wambui, Research Coordinator, London

In our own words

“I lead the partnerships and volunteerism team, part of our CSM North America DEI Committee. We work to source diversity-focused partnerships for CSM to connect with diverse communities, offer employee engagement opportunities, and help strengthen a diverse pipeline of candidates here. We have launched a partnership with Sports Biz Camps (SBC), a nonprofit whose mission is to increase social mobility for students through education, while expanding diversity within the sports industry. Through this partnership, our employees can connect with diverse students to help set them up for a successful future in sports and entertainment. SBC also offers opportunities to create a pipeline of internship and full-time candidates so we can continue to diversify its workforce. We are proud of the commitment CSM and our employees make to help change the playing field for the next generation of industry pros!”

Elizabeth Sanchez, Manager – Properties, New York

In our own words

“When it came to graduating from university and starting to look into careers, I only had one request, that the job had something to do with sports. I was lucky enough to come across the Grassroots apprenticeship scheme with CSM, and to be accepted onto the program. As someone who has always had a great passion for sports, to be offered the chance to work in the sports marketing industry from an entry level was such an honor, sitting across a lot of exciting projects. Two years later, I can now proudly say that I have completed the apprenticeship program and was offered a permanent contract. I have had such an incredible experience so far with CSM, and I look forward to what the future brings!”

Olivia Stevenson, Senior Account Executive, London

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