Jonah Lomu Legacy Trust


Jonah Lomu Legacy Trust pay tribute to a global rugby icon on the anniversary of his passing

The Jonah Lomu Legacy Trust, in partnership with Dove Men+Care, has released a powerful video tribute to the late, great Jonah Lomu. Following his untimely passing on 18th November 2015, the New Zealand Rugby Players Association (NZRPA) established the Jonah Lomu Legacy Trust to support the care of his two children. In light of Jonah’s well known charitable and humanitarian efforts during his lifetime, Dove Men+Care, a brand synonymous with rugby, aim to raise awareness of the JL Legacy Trust and encourage fans around the world to make a donation.

See the film here:

Libby Sherriff, Brand Manager of Dove Men+Care, said: “We’re honoured to be supporting the Jonah Lomu Legacy Trust in raising funds for the development, welfare and education of Jonah’s children. Jonah Lomu changed the face of Rugby Union on a global scale but his efforts off the field for charities and local communities is equally inspiring. As a brand who recognize both the strength and care in men, Jonah embodied those attributes wholeheartedly.

David Jones, Chairman of the Trustees of the Jonah Lomu Legacy Trust, said: “The Trust was established exclusively to provide for the care and welfare of Jonah’s two infant sons. The support which the Trust has received in pursuing that objective from the rugby community around the world has been heart-warming. This is particularly so in Great Britain, as reflected by the generosity and charitable work of the sponsors in relation to the Memorial Dinner and equally, the support of corporates and individuals who have already committed to the Dinner. The hope and ambition of the Trust is to raise sufficient funds from this event to grow significantly the corpus of the Trust to ensure that the Trustees can confidently provide for Jonah’s sons in the years to come through the many stepping stones of life, particularly in education, health and sport.”

In addition to the film, Dove Men+Care will be hosting a Facebook Live at the Jonah Lomu Memorial Dinner on 30th November, allowing fans to experience a Q&A with those that knew and played alongside him.

To donate to the Jonah Lomu Legacy Trust visit: