Our Stories to Tell

HBO Max tasked us to help launch Our Stories to Tell — a digital experience that inspires, connects and serves marginalised creative communities who are creating their own stories, as well as providing a safe space to tell stories.

Chalkboard with Our Stories to Tell written on it

What we did

CSM and the HBO Max Multicultural team partnered to create a dynamic and interactive digital experience to bring to life the Our Stories to Tell platform in a way that would celebrate all multicultural creatives and allow them to connect in a time when we couldn’t physically be together. 

Over the course of 5 days, this experience and content laid the foundation for the next phase of the Our Stories to Tell digital hub, which featured and highlighted content and experiences from a variety of artists.

The results

Helping curate this program was a collaborative effort from the CSM team as we successfully pivoted this experience to a digitally driven event. Our experienced team helped boost HBO’s multicultural appeal while also driving engagement and interactions with the digital experience. 

We created a website that hosted a mosaic of creators, diverse voices, and storytellers from various creative backgrounds for a celebration of storytelling, which saw over 5,000 subscribers in 24 hours.

Our client was blown away by the experience and praised our work and very quick turnaround. This was no small endeavor and the client acknowledged our hustle.

Joanne Shia
Senior Director
CSM Sport & Entertainment