Return to Court


Vodafone Business wanted to tell an engaging story of the correlations between sport and business, using their partnership with Wasps Netball.

Speaking to an engaged sport audience – who are predominantly female – about business in an interesting way was the aim of the project. But in a pandemic year, it threw up several additional challenges. We were brought on board by Vodafone Business to help.

Wasps Netballer Takes Shot

What we did

We used the challenges of Wasps Netball’s pandemic-interrupted season, as the foundations for an inspiring content series called ‘Return to Court’, which was released in the lead up to the resumption of the season in September 2020.

The three episodes share the stories of the players, coaches and the administration team, who discuss keeping the business afloat during a pandemic, the role of leadership in sport and business and the importance of managing a healthy work/life balance.


Photo Credits: Ben Lumley, @bensnapsstuff

The results



The content was released over Wasps Netball channels in the lead up to the season return without paid media behind them. Vodafone were able to address three important business narratives in an engaging sporting context to a new audience.

The videos leaned heavily on the engaged netball audience for visibility, so results were able to be totally organic and authentic.


Key business narratives addressed


Organic views