Rebranding the INF

We worked with the INF to focus its vision and objectives, and how these should translate across its products, commercial structure and marketing. We developed a new commercial strategy for World Netball – including an updated marketing strategy and rebrand.

World Netball in Black

What we did

Using our extensive knowledge of the sport, entertainment and sponsorship industry, we reviewed, updated and enhanced World Netball’s existing commercial market approach.

A core element of the project was the creation of a Commercial Playbook, which provided World Netball and its member associations with a detailed set of tools to support the development of sustainable commercial activities at both a global and local level.

The team also implemented a rebrand from the INF to World Netball – a change that reflected World Netball’s bold ambitions. We created a brand for the future, better suited to the global aspirations of the sport and one that felt instinctively inclusive. To do this, creative workshops were held to stretch and test World Netball’s new vision.

The results

We created a global relaunch of the INF – rebranding it to World Netball across all markets. This included working with local teams to roll out the new positioning, as well as a whole new ‘look and feel’ to accompany the re-brand. That included the family of logos that make up the World Netball brand.

The pinnacle World Netball logo set the graphic tone for all regional federations; from Africa Netball to Asia Netball. Based upon extensive consultation with players, to determine the final colour palette that best represented the sport, we also created the new Netball World Cup and Netball World Youth Cup logos.

More than a set of individual logos, we have created a World Netball family of brands, united by the overarching athletic form, which is unique to the sport of netball.

The fantastic team at CSM, with their exceptional knowledge and inspired creative approach, has delivered a stunning new brand that captures perfectly the essence of our sport, our global position and our future aspirations. World Netball has a vision to be a sport open to all, and to inspire netballers to embrace opportunities and achieve their potential. The launch of the strategic plan and brand image marks the beginning of a new era for netball.”

Clare Briegal
World Netball