The world has watched the esports grow exponentially in past five years, with the industry now boasting an audience of 474m enthusiasts worldwide – up from 113m in 2015.

In the same time frame, global esports revenues have risen from $252m to a projected $1.1bn in 2021, 80% of which is derived from sponsorship and media rights. In line with that, we have also invested heavily in our own esports offering.


Much like the rest of our business, the success of our esports offering is underpinned by having the best people in the right roles, which is why we decided to make a number of specialist hires.

Led by Debbie Scott-Bowden – who previously managed the RFU’s esports strategy and Adam Mundie, we are proud to have built a team of experts who have an in-depth knowledge of the esports space.

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