Tournament Hub Sits At The Axis of Gaming and Culture

Last month, our Production, Brand Experiences and Creative teams collaborated at a “Secret Location” in Atlanta to help create “Good Game Atlanta,” a future forward hub and gathering at the intersection of gaming and culture, powered by Coca-Cola. 

Good Game Atlanta was an exhibition e-sports tournament showcasing Atlanta’s premiere FGC (Fighting Game Community) members in a single elimination showdown where game recognized game to determine who reigned supreme. It was fast-paced, neon-drenched, and powered by camaraderie forged through battle. It was gaming passion meets trap hustle meets punk rock DIY entrepreneurism from the year 3030. 

Drawing inspiration from classic fighting game tropes along with Fight Club, Blood Sport, Battle Rap, and Breakdance Battle Culture, we created an underground arena that was a fighter’s paradise, while also creating a relevant and special cultural moment to support Atlanta’s FGC community and broader gaming and gaming-adjacent community at large.  

Featuring an outdoor-meets-indoor industrial theme, the event featured multiple props, perfect for social photo moments, along with a 30’x 8’ custom graffiti wall, “tagged” by local artist Totem, which provided the hero focal point of the event. Following the event, the art piece was donated to a local gaming group for use in future events and moments.  

The inaugural event was well received by attendees, and comments like “legendary night” and “I hope this comes back next year – I can’t wait!” were the norm for the nearly 200 in attendance.