We are pleased to announce that we have joined just a handful of marketing businesses that have been accredited with achieving sustainability certification with Planet Mark.

The certification is based on the commitment to continuous improvement in sustainability across business operations by measuring and reducing carbon footprint and engaging stakeholders. Holders of the Planet Mark are required to measure and reduce their annual carbon emissions associated with business operations by a minimum of 2.5% every year.

Matt Vandrau, Group CEO at CSM, said: “We are really excited to be joining the Planet Mark family. The accreditation reflects CSM’s wholehearted commitment to sustainability – helping to fight climate change and reducing our carbon footprint through ongoing, meaningful action. I look forward to further galvanising our team, stakeholders and the wider industry to drive continuous improvements in this area.”

CSM Chief Marketing Officer Sarah Riggott added, “This is an extremely important milestone for CSM – Planet Mark is internationally recognised and encourages action, so even though we still have a long journey ahead it allows us to understand our focus areas and where we need to collect data better in order to reduce our impact on the planet.”

The Planet Mark encourages companies to make year on year carbon reductions, unlocking huge business benefits in the process, including increased efficiencies and building strong employee engagement to create a sustainable culture. The three-stage process also helps businesses understand and optimise the carbon associated with their energy, travel, water, waste, and procurement. Each year the new carbon footprint becomes the next year’s baseline, helping generate results and driving continuous improvement.