On Thursday 3rd June 2021, the International Netball Federation announced its new strategic plan and bold new growth vision, rebranding under the unified World Netball brand.

We were appointed to develop and oversee the new global commercial strategy. We used our extensive knowledge of the sport, entertainment, and sponsorship industry to review, update and enhance World Netball’s existing commercial market offering and approach. As a part of the project, we worked with World Netball to focus their vision and translate key objectives across products, commercial structure, and marketing.


To further support the commercial approach on a local level, we created a Commercial Game Plan which will provide World Netball and its member associations with a detailed set of tools to support the development of sustainable commercial activities at both global and local level.  The Game Plan supports the long-term commercial infrastructure and creates a strong and valuable market proposition for World Netball.  This will be launched to World Netball member nations at their Congress next month.

One of the core recommendations of the emerging commercial strategy was the rebrand to World Netball, a bold change to reflect bold ambitions, by creating a brand for the future which better reflects the global aspirations and future vision for the sport.


To commence the rebrand we hosted a brand creative workshop to explore the potential use of form, colour and typography and how the combination of these elements could reflect the updated vision for the World Netball brand. From here, we honed the design, with a clear focus on the use of form to capture and communicate the essence and uniqueness of the sport of netball. The use of colour was particularly important to demonstrate the inclusivity of the sport, incorporating the colours of the five global regional federations that make up World Netball to effectively portray the diversity of these regions and the sport.

The family of logos that make up the World Netball brand now include the pinnacle World Netball logo, setting the graphic tone for all regional federations, from Africa Netball to Asia Netball, as well as World Netball Officials and Coaching logos.


Clare Briegal, Chief Executive Officer, World Netball,  said: “The fantastic team at CSM, with their exceptional expert knowledge, and inspired creative approach has delivered a stunning new brand that captures perfectly the essence of our sport, our global position and our future aspirations.  World Netball has a vision to be a sport open to all that inspires netballers to embrace opportunities and achieve their potential.  The launch of the strategic plan and brand image marks the beginning of a new era for netball.”