The Professional Tennis Players Association and CSM partner to elevate players’ collective power

The Professional Tennis Players Association (PTPA), global advocates for women’s and men’s professional tennis players, is pleased to announce its new partnership with us. The collaboration will see us serve as the official partnership development agency for the PTPA and its for-profit affiliate Winners Alliance, with a focus on bringing new partnership opportunities to professional tennis players as a collective. This marks a major milestone for the PTPA and a significant step forward in elevating the position of and commercial opportunities for professional tennis players.

This partnership with us comes on the heels of the PTPA’s success at the Australian Open earlier this year, and it underscores the association’s mission to provide a unified voice for professional tennis players.

We will work closely with the PTPA and Winners Alliance to develop a partnership strategy to seek corporate alliances, across the full range of PTPA’s impactful platforms. We have decades of experience building innovative partnerships with some of the world’s most influential brands and properties, including the likes of New York Road Runners, Unilever, NFL International and Activision Blizzard.

Ahmad Nassar, PTPA Executive Director and Winners Alliance CEO, remarked: “Our objective is to empower professional tennis players through exciting new partnership opportunities. With CSM as our official partnership development agency, a global leader in sports and entertainment, we aim to elevate the position of players within the sport by developing innovative partnerships that will take their careers to the next level. Through our collective efforts, we seek to unlock new opportunities and bring about positive change for the players.”

Speaking on the partnership, Ross Meltzer, President, Properties & Chief Business Officer at CSM North America said, “We are excited to collaborate with the PTPA and its athletes. As a united and influential group of professional tennis players, the PTPA has the potential to make a significant impact on the sport, and we are committed to supporting their efforts by securing new partnerships. Our goal is to provide meaningful, memorable and measurable impact for our brand partners, so we are looking forward to working with PTPA to deliver just that.”