Delivering a collaborative event

Ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix, Tata Communications delivered a collaborative event focused on championing and inspiring women to get into the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

Our motorsport teams worked with Tata Communications’ local market team to deliver a Women in STEM event, which gave 20 students from UWS (United Women Singapore) the unique experience of having a tour of the Event Technical Centre and the Tata PoD. This is where the on-site F1 broadcast infrastructure is produced and transmitted to the global Media & Technology Centre before being distributed to local networks worldwide. During their time at the circuit, students also enjoyed a Paddock Tour hosted by F1 journalist and TV presenter Rosanna Tennant. Following the at-circuit activity, there was a special panel event also featuring Rosanna, as well as other inspirational guests from Tata Comms and UWS.

The three entities involved in the project, Tata Communications (a global Comtech organisation), Formula 1, and UWS (a dynamic organisation dedicated for gender equality and women’s empowerment), came together to create a lasting impact for the young students, encouraging them to aim high.

There were three main objectives of the event:

• To inspire, empower, and showcase the plethora of opportunities available for young females to pursue careers that technology (particularly in sport) offers

• To empower students from Singapore to explore new avenues, break down barriers and stereotypes, foster inclusivity and nurture the next generation of women leaders, entrepreneurs and technologists

• To catalyze a transformative change and a more equitable future

The event was a huge success with the students being very engaged, asking plenty of questions and steering the conversations in different directions around the topic of women in STEM. We are hoping this had a great impact on their goals, ambitions and that we will be able to see more women in the motorsport environment in the near future.