Getting to know our Account Executive, Brands US

We took five minutes with one of our Account Executives, Brands, Raina Sadhan, to find out all about her experience working at the most recent Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Describe your career in five words.

Curious, Creative, Captivating, Collaborative, Coffee

What did you do and what was your role at the Race?

I had the opportunity to work alongside a great team from CSM Middle East, supporting them as they executed a range of commercial partnerships and managed various stakeholders involved in the race.

How did this opportunity become available?

Since joining CSM North America, I’ve paid close attention to the brilliant work of our counterparts in the Middle East offices. I was curious to learn more and see if there were any ways I could get involved. I managed to make the connection with the team over in the Middle East, who were able to arrange an opportunity for me to come support their work at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, which felt like a dream come true. I am grateful to be part of an organisation like CSM that encourages its employees to explore new opportunities and engage with their interests.

What was the most exciting part working on an F1 GP race?

As a big F1 fan, I try my best to watch every race (even if it means being awake at strange hours at times). But nothing compares to the feeling I had in my chest when I first heard the F1 cars in real life, especially on a track as fast as the Jeddah Corniche Circuit!

What’s the biggest takeaway you have from this experience that will carry on to future opportunities?

As a Saudi-American raised in Riyadh, seeing the emergence of sport and entertainment in my country is something that feels quite personal. There is a massive population of Saudi youth, many of whom have this sense of optimism and empowerment to be involved with the recent social and economic transformations in the Kingdom. Despite now living across the world in New York City, I am no stranger to this!

Ultimately, my biggest takeaway is that the future of sport in the Kingdom is only just beginning. I felt the tremendous excitement for the start of large scale sport and entertainment events, which represented the greater effect they can have to bring people together and shape cultural frameworks. With the industry of sport and entertainment emerging in the Kingdom, it also presents many opportunities for brands to engage with an energised audience in new and unique ways.

When not at work, what would we find you doing?

Travelling near and far with family and friends, hanging out with my pets, trying out different creative projects, pursuing my everlasting search for the best vintage pieces (going to a vintage or thrift store in every city I visit is a must).