Hear from a few of our recent apprentices

We established our apprenticeship programme in 2019 – one of five key pillars in our broader Grassroots scheme. Grassroots is our approach to sourcing entry level talent through non-traditional routes. The aim? To welcome fresh thinking and new perspectives into our business, and open our doors to more people from diverse backgrounds.

Since the launch, 10 apprentices have successfully completed their apprenticeships. We caught up with four of them who now have permanent roles at CSM’s London HQ, to find out more about their journey. Here’s what they had to say:

Manny Khan


What apprenticeship did you do? I did the CIPD qualification which was a great route into the world of People and Talent, and gave me a qualification I can keep forever.

What was one of your favourite experiences as an apprentice? Being promoted! I was promoted to People Coordinator during my apprenticeship which made me feel valued and part of the team.

What were some of your key takeaways? My communication skills and professional confidence have really grown as both have proven to be invaluable to my role. A surprising thing I learnt was how embedded the world of People is within every aspect of the business. I’m keen to be involved with the next cohort and help mentor as much as possible.

What advice do you have for anyone considering doing an apprenticeship? It’s a great route into the world of work, where you gain a bunch of skills. My advice is to research the company and make sure it’s right for you, then go for it.

Jesse Mckenzie


What apprenticeship course did you do and why? I did the Sales Executive apprenticeship alongside my role as a Partnership Development Assistant. I really wanted to work at CSM and sales is always something I have enjoyed.

What was one of your favourite experiences as an apprentice? The Rights Away Day! Some hardcore sales training and presentations from the best! For a junior sales person like me, this was the dream and I learnt a lot. I will definitely mentor a new apprentice and offer advice as they find their footing.

What are some of your key takeaways? I learnt a lot on the job. It’s a really strong way to pick up skills, and I’d say my closest relationship building skills have been taught on the job as I have worked closely with the team. I’m excited to make a stamp on CSM as a key sales person… there is much more to come! The most surprising thing that I’ve learnt here is that there are endless creative and engagement possibilities that can be made through sport partnerships.

Erica Ighavbota


Why did you want to do the apprenticeship? I was looking for a career change. Before working here, I used to be a PE teacher and then left to do a styling course. From this, I realised I was interested in the world of Digital Marketing and Social Media.

What was the studying like? I had one day set aside for college per week. This was mainly online and then I also had coursework to complete with the help of my career mentor.

What was one of your favourite experiences as an apprentice? I’ve had some really fun experiences, both during and after my apprenticeship. Some highlights for me have to include meeting Anthony Joshua, going on content shoots and getting to go to the MOBO awards.

What has been your career highlight since finishing? Being promoted to Account Executive and joining the Ents team! This has allowed me to own more work streams and work closely with clients.

Keiren Mullage

Why did you want to do the apprenticeship? I wanted to work in the sports industry and have always loved numbers, so this seemed like a great step in the door. I also didn’t have previous Payroll experience, so this was the perfect learning opportunity.

What advice do you have for anyone considering doing an apprenticeship? Just go for it! If it’s a company or sector you want to work for, it’s a super approachable way to get stuck in, get a qualification and gradually learn on the job. At CSM, opportunities are always available. I discussed my personal F1 project with a director which resulted in an interview for a role in S&C. Now, I work in insights.

What was one of your favourite experiences as an apprentice and what are you excited about for the future? Being trusted and part of the team from day one. I was given lots of support and responsibility, which helped me grow. Since finishing my course, I moved over to the S&C team as a Senior Insights Executive. I am excited to get stuck in with the world of F1 and to have input on the projects. Seeing some of my work come to fruition is exciting!