Spooky shakes and chilling candles on offer across the country

Freeform got fans into the spooky spirit with two Hocus Pocus-inspired partnerships to celebrate the 31 Nights of Halloween. Building on last year’s partnership,we partnered Freeform with Carvel Ice Cream to create three wickedly delicious shakes inspired by each of the Sanderson Sisters from Disney’s Hocus Pocus:  

  •          Sarah’s Chilling Churro Shake: A spooky blend of Carvel’s Churro Crunchies and cinnamon-sugar churro ice cream, topped with whipped cream and yellow sprinkles.
  •          Winnie’s Glorious Cake Batter Shake: Carvel’s cake batter ice cream blended into one glorious potion, topped with whipped cream and orange sprinkles.
  •          Mary’s Divine Cookies & Cream Shake: A delicious divination of cookies and cream pieces, blended with Carvel’s classic vanilla soft serve and topped with violet sprinkles.

Each limited-edition Sanderson Sister Shake was served with a custom co-branded cup and spoon that pairs with each sister. The Sanderson Sister Shakes were available nationwide in 270 Carvel locations and for delivery through the end of October. 

Additionally, we paired Freeform with Ryan Porter’s Candier and created a collection of limited-edition, co-branded candles inspired by the 31 Nights of Halloween and Disney’s Hocus Pocus.  

  •          Mostly Dead on the Inside: A candle inspired by 31 Nights of Halloween‘s iconic movie lineup.
  •          31 Nights of Halloween’s Hocus Pocus Candle Collection: A three-piece candle set with a candle inspired by the personality of each Sanderson Sister, including “I Am Beautiful, Boys Will Love Me” (Sarah), “I Put a Spell on You” (Winifred), and “I Suggest We Form a Calming Circle” (Mary).

All candles are still available for a limited time on shopryanporter.com! These fun collaborations have been featured in popular outlets like Good Morning America, The Today Show, People, Seventeen, POPSUGAR, New York Post, Thrillist, and more!