Embracing Equity in sport and entertainment

International Women’s Day takes place annually on the 8 March to celebrate and acknowledge the achievements of women globally. The day also aims to encourage conversations around the various challenges women have faced for decades including the gender pay gap, women’s rights, the on-going battle of violence against women, and more.

This year the theme is Embrace Equity. Like equality, equity suggest everyone should be treated equally however, equity takes into consideration that everyone is different and therefore everyone’s needs are different. With that in mind, we asked a few of our people around the world to answer the following question:

What one piece of innovation would you like to see within the sport and entertainment industry to move towards greater gender equity?

Martini Ip, Hong Kong


“Improving the balance of coverage, ensuring equal representation for women’s sport and athletes in the media.”

Karima Green, UK


“Focus on introducing more diversity through the ecosystem of sports, not just in the Board room. For example, having women engineers will assist with innovation and design to support women’s performance in sport.”

Greg Francis, UK


“Focus on telling the powerful and rich stories of incredible women athletes.”

Nancy McIntyre, USA


“Women’s careers are disproportionately impacted by having children. We need to normalise men taking parental leave.”

Stuart Haldane, UK


“Providing every girl in the UK with equal access to football at school.”

Ghadeer Artil, UAE


“We need more women coaches and mentors.”

Brittnee Hensley, USA


“Contracts for athletes and women in business to be fair and equal regardless of gender and prior contract language.”

Patti Vellek, USA


“Promoting women’s sports in major media so that their accomplishments are easily accessible and celebrated.”

Fanny Margoux, France


“Offering women athletes full maternity pay and the support they need to return to competition properly.”
Karima v2
Greg Headshot

Chris Brayboy, USA


“Consistently highlighting women in sport, particularly at the C-Suite level. We need more of it!”

Ciara Lucking, France


“More innovative and accessible products to help prevent girls from quitting sport due to period shame.”

Matthew Tsang, Hong Kong


“Breaking social barriers and gender stereotypes to encourage more opportunities for women athletes.”

Carson Gurley, USA


“Forging pathways towards leadership roles in all aspects of the game: coaching, officiating and ownership.”

Isabel Patterson, USA


“Appoint women to senior leadership teams to achieve, at minimum, a 50/50 split.”

Lana Al Ghafir, UAE


“Mandate an equal split for men and women in sports that award prize money.”

Andrew Stilwell, USA


“Ensuring women reporters are treated as equal to their men counterparts with regards to access.”
Matthew Tsang