The best-selling sauce brand in Central America hits the U.S. market

Natura’s, known as the best-selling sauce brand in Central America according to Brand Footprint – Kantar World Panel Report, 2022, has officially launched its Naturalmente Natura’s (Naturally Natura’s) campaign. This campaign aims to introduce the brand in the US market, specifically serving Mexican Americans. Natura’s products are made with natural ingredients that you know and provides a quick and convenient solution to enhance the flavor of your favorite everyday dishes.

Our teams supported Unilever developing Naturalmente Natura’s (Naturally Natura’s), a fully integrated marketing campaign including strategic planning, customer insights, creative development, social development, influencer management and execution, paid media and participation in Hispanic festivals with the amazing Natura’s Terraza. We also provided main content (English-Spanish) including product descriptions, recipes and more for the new Natura’s website that will be launching in July. Follow @naturasusa to learn more and explore great recipes.