Virtual Hub Empowers Creator To Share Their Stories

Creativity is the catalyst for cultural change, weaving our daily realities into some of the most impactful stories of our time. This month, we helped content giant HBO Max launch Our Stories To Tell,  a hub of thought exchange for visionaries within a dynamic industry, centered in diversity, rich in collaboration, celebration, and elevation of ideas.

Every year, HBO typically has a large presence at the iconic Sundance Film Festival in Salt Lake City. The festival was activated virtually this year due to Covid-19, so our team built the virtual platform to host phase one of the Our Stories to Tell initiative with a three-day virtual kickoff experience. This featured a mosaic of creators and diverse voices from various backgrounds, providing for a celebration of storytelling.

Participants included a roster of talent from the acclaimed HBO and HBO Max programming and beyond, and topics ranged from a master class on the creative process and a discussion on representation and inclusion within the industry, to the impact of owning one’s narrative in storytelling.