New wellness app aims to inspire a community

Alongside the Abu Dhabi Sports Council, we launched the eagerly anticipated Abu Dhabi 360 app in December.

Unlike  other programming that focuses primarily on physical fitness, Abu Dhabi 360 is dedicated to helping every person in the capital to achieve physical, social, and mental wellness through a personal, attainable journey.

The comprehensive calendar of community events integrated within the app helps users find an accessible pathway to long-term health through exercise, nutrition, mental well-being, and community connections.

The app caters for whole-person wellness, including daily mood trackers, fitness challenges against friends, and an opportunity to earn rewards for achieving fitness goals.

To further bolster Abu Dhabi 360, we  worked with health and social change experts, including the renowned John Bromley of the U.K.’s National Social Marketing Centre in the programme design. Bromley has led behaviour change and health campaigns worldwide that have effectively reduced smoking and obesity.

Phase one of Abu Dhabi 360’s community activities includes sports matches, cycling and running races, family events and more that will result in 3.2 million extra community interactions this year alone.

With the app live, Abu Dhabi 360 can inspire a community-wide movement and help make the UAE capital to be the happiest, strongest and healthiest community by 2030.

To learn more about the programme or to download the app, visit