Darius Naficy sits with Myles Loftin for Pride Month

Myles Loftin is a world class photographer, artist, and an exclusive member of Forbes 30 under 30.

Most importantly, he is a storyteller, weaving the untold and overlooked narratives in his art. His work is driven by his passion to put marginalized communities in the foreground, harnessing the power of visibility. “We look to the media for ideas of what our future can be,” says Myles, “and if you don’t see yourself represented, it’s very hard for you to imagine a future for yourself.”

Myles’ unique and discerning eye has led to various creative collaborations and commissions from the likes of Prada, Nike, and Calvin Klein. We had the pleasure of working with Myles on his latest project with HBO Max’s UnFashion Pop-Up for ‘Genera+ion’.

For this Pride Month, we seated our Chief Creative Officer, NA, Darius Naficy, with Myles to take a deeper dive into his advocacy work through his projects, recent partnerships, and learn how brands can be better allies.