Bringing to life The Maddon Mentality

From Opening Day to MLB All-Star Week in Seattle and throughout the 2023 MLB regular season, we worked with Sage to create projects that would resonate with key audiences and build brand fame in the first year of their MLB partnership.

As the Official Finance Software Partner of MLB and the industry leader in delivering business insights for small and medium businesses with a human touch, Sage wanted to continue these efforts into the MLB postseason, a stage where every decision is scrutinized and dissected by fans and pundits alike amid a swirl of data and analysis.

Our team partnered with World Series champion and three-time MLB Manager of the Year Joe Maddon to develop an integrated postseason campaign including a four-part social content series called “The Maddon Mentality.”

In baseball and in business, making timely managerial decisions under pressure is essential on the road to success. A known advocate for the balance of analytical insights and human-centric, instinctual decision-making in baseball, each episode examined how Maddon cut through the clutter surrounding key decisions during a magical Cubs World Series run in 2016 and brought Maddon back to the baseball diamond to show fans how to make champion-defining decisions on and off the field.

To supplement The Maddon Mentality content series, we worked with MLB to amplify Sage’s key messaging across a variety of touchpoints. In addition to securing earned media for Maddon on MLB Network, we co-developed a social series with MLB called “What Would Joe Do,” designed to explore how he would approach timely managerial decisions throughout the postseason and encourage healthy fan debates around those same key moments.

Watch episode two below.