Activating across the globe

In the heart of the electrifying world of motorsports where speed meets sustainability, SAUDIA’S Formula E season 9 campaign took flight. From the bustling streets of Jakarta to the historic roads of Rome, SAUDIA were able to ignite excitement across key markets through a digitally driven campaign that looked to bring fans closer to the sport they love.

The power of digital activation was harnessed throughout the season, as 16 pieces of content were created including the Take Your Seat hero film and two social series including new Global Ambassador, Stoffel Vandoorne. Through compelling creatives and engaging competitions, the partnership delivered an impressive 47 million paid impressions and over 15 million in paid reach whilst SAUDIA’s motorsport database also grew exponentially.

Away from the digital world, we activated in four countries attracting over 17,000 eager attendees to the innovative SAUDIA Discover-E Zone. Amidst the adrenaline-pumping races, we also played host to 224 VIP guests, treating them to an experience that combined luxury with the electric buzz of Formula E.

Take your seat as we continue to redefine the skies and the racetracks, one electrifying moment at a time. See you in Diriyah, 2024.