Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability is a vital part of our responsible business mindset. We commit to investing our people, resources and passion in proactively working with clients and others engaged in the business of sport and entertainment to reduce our agency and industry environmental footprint in line with UN targets to help realise a sustainable future for all.

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Our focus areas

Getting our house in order: Continually reducing the environmental impact of our operations and pursuing accreditation that challenges us to improve our practices. We are currently developing science-based targets for validation and will publish these once this body of work is complete. This will enable us to make a credible commitment to a Net Zero target timeline with an approved reduction pathway across our Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions.

Client best practice: Thinking big to create solutions for our clients that help them achieve their climate action goals and leave a positive legacy. We have been working on increasing internal climate literacy levels as well as empowering and upskilling teams to integrate climate action principles into everyday decisions and discussions.

Industry impact: Accelerating & communicating positive change across our industry. We are actively engaging with climate organisations to develop partnerships and our Give Back Day initiative allows individuals to support local environmental causes.

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Next steps

We acknowledge the impact that our industry has on the environment and as a business we have committed to keeping warming to 1.5°C and reaching science-based net-zero in the future.

We are pleased with the positive progress we have been making but like the rest of the industry we know we still have a lot of work ahead to achieve our climate goals and that this progress needs to be accelerated in the short term.