Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is a vital part of our responsible business mindset. As a team, we have set out to create and sustain more environmentally conscious practices for ourselves on our journey to Net Zero, as well as positively influencing each other, our clients and our industry.

Planet Mark

Our Focus Areas

Targeting and Accreditation: maintaining reputable accreditation’s that set time framed targets to reduce our carbon footprint. As part of Chime, we have achieved our Planet Mark accreditation and our aspiration is to become a BCorp organisation in the near future.

Client Expectations: reviewing client, prospect and industry expectations around environmental best practice and ensuring we meet those expectations. We continue to roll out a number of policies and procedures around responsible sourcing across our supply chain as well as considering our own travel through an environmental mindset.

Client Solutions: thinking big to create solutions for our clients by influencing them in taking a more sustainable, carbon zero approach. We have started to count our carbon footprint at major events such as The Open and we are creating a ‘gold standard’ sustainable approach to how we work with clients.

Communications: engaging each other, our clients and the industry through educational communications to inspire positive environmental action. We have become a partner of Count Us In and our Give Back Day initiative allows individuals to support local environmental causes.

Ocean Race Boat

What's Next?

As a business we have committed to keeping warming to 1.5°C and reaching science-based net-zero in the future. We are currently developing a science-based target for validation and will publish our approved targets once this body of work is complete. This will enable us to make a credible commitment to a Net Zero target timeline with a reduction pathway agreed.

We are proud of the progress we have been making but like many other business we know we are only at the beginning of an important journey.