AIA Coaching Corner

After Covid-19 brought AIA’s in-person coaching sessions to a standstill, we decided to take personalised training plans into the digital ecosystem, offering a way for AIA’s customers to remain engaged with Tottenham Hotspur and live healthier, longer and better lives.

Coaching Corner

What we did

Utilizing content captured and produced by CSM, we worked closely with Tottenham Hotspur’s Global Football Development Coaches who have helped AIA to provide customers and prospects with a personalized 6-week training plan.

Through an immersive 3D experience, users were able to access their tailored training content and explore the Tottenham Hotspur stadium. Fans could stand on the penalty spot whilst learning from Spurs coaches on how they can improve their shooting skills, for instance, or head up to the AIA executive box and see their favorite players cooking a meal packed with the nutrients needed to fuel performance at the highest level.

At the point of sign up, users were profiled based on their propensity to purchase insurance and then nurtured to aid sales and a return on investment for AIA.

The results

Having launched in six AIA markets we offered fans the opportunity to both get closer to Tottenham Hotspur through the 360 experience and gain access to football training despite lockdown restrictions.

Whilst the training content available on AIA Coaching Corner provides users with a 6-week training plan, it can continually be developed and improved by adding new training drills and wellbeing content.

This will allow its users to liver healthier, longer and better lives through the partnership with Tottenham.




Hours of training videos watched

5 minutes

Average dwell time