Player of the Month

Now into its 3rd season, the Player Of The Month (POTM) campaign continues to generate significant sales leads for AIA and build awareness around its partnership with Tottenham Hotspur.


What we did

We developed a campaign that targeted the huge football fan base within the region, running a monthly voting campaign in 10 of AIA’s key markets, which directed users to a microsite to vote for their player of the Month/Season.

After voting, users were asked for first party data in exchange for the chance to win a signed Spurs shirt or fitness watch. Users also could take part in an incentivized questionnaire which helped collect important user data for markets.

Through profiling the audience, we were able to create and target accurate and relevant lookalike audiences to ensure that the media budget was used effectively.

The results

The latest campaign launched with 10 markets in the 2021/22 season with the site having undergone a creative refresh, including added functions to further drive engagement.

We created an engaging campaign to put AIA’s products in front of new customers and gave sales agents the opportunity to educate consumers with follow-up conversations. As a result, sales and market engagement have increased significantly.


Landing page views


Increase in warm leads YOY


Competition entries