The Aeronauts: Digital hot air balloon

Amazon Prime’s blockbuster movie, The Aeronauts, warranted a spectacular launch. So, we were tasked with delivering a ground-breaking digital and experiential event, designed to capture and captivate audiences across the world.


What we did

Playing on the film’s core themes, we created an English Victorian fair complete with numerous food and beverage stands, entertainment and balloon rides.

The fair was amplified by our world-first digital hot air balloon, which showcased the film in full 360 mode, three miles above ground. When inflated, the balloon was 32 metres tall with a circumference of 56 meters making it visible from miles away. To create this one-of-a-kind hot air piece of machinery, we wrapped our Flexlite technology around the balloon creating a 336 square meter LED screen.

This complex digital build delivered breath taking live AV and was complimented by two giant screens. The three display types where fully synchronised to ensure a seamless guest experience, with viewers able to listen to the film via Bluetooth headphones.

The results



The campaign quite literally took viewing experiences to new heights,garnering global attention from marketing outlets and has led to a lasting partnership with Amazon.