Official Look, Wayfinding and Sinage Provider

The mission was to showcase the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games on a global stage and create an unforgettable event for the city through delivering the entire Look of the Games.

Commonwealth Games 2

What we did

As the Official Look, Wayfinding and Signage Provider, we designed, produced and installed every element of Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games look across the host city. We delivered a consistent brand and image for the Games across all 15 competition venues, 5 athlete villages and 40 noncompetition venue such as accommodation and training facilities.

Some of the elements we delivered included but were not limited to: 12,345 elements of wayfinding and signage, 20,135 total KOP, 4,462 bespoke artworks, and 724 flagpoles including the city dressing project. We also had a key focus on playing our role in the legacy of the Games. This included supporting a number of sustainable and local initiatives such as donating, reusing, repurposing and recycling 56,506 wayfinding and signage items after the event; working with local charities to integrate ColourBlind Awareness and other important elements throughout the Look of the Games; and partnering with 7 local companies for production and delivery to ensure inward investment was made into the local economy.

The results

As part of our project delivering the Look of the Games, we were able to bring Birmingham to life with vibrant, eyecatching branding across the whole event and the city, and by supporting the legacy of the Games, we were able to play an important role in helping the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games leave an indelible mark on the city, the region and the world.