Appointed production provider

Responsible for the look & wayfinding, signage production and delivery, our project scope included: scope validation, design engineering, production, manufacture, installation and removal. In addition to the delivery, we also provided 24/7 maintenance cover for 6 months throughout event live dates.

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What we did

The outline of the project volume – which spanned an area of 4.38sqkm – consisted of several key categories:

Kit of parts – 10,000 items delivered

All venue kit-of-part items which included: flags, banner bracketing hardware, roll ups, media backdrops, fence scrim and barrier jackets.

Custom look – 126,000 SQM of branding installed

Custom venue dressing covering operational & functional areas, media centres, metro plaza, arrival portals, visitor experience centres, public facilities and FA experiential elements.

Thematic pavilion wraps – 50,389 SQM of branding installed

Full building wraps of all decorative building facades in a combination of semipermanent vinyl and One way vision treatments.

Substations – Over 4,000 SQM of branding installed

Custom vinyl wraps of power substations site wide.

Wayfinding – Over 16,000 signs delivered

Manufacture and install of all temporary site wide wayfinding signs. Split between larger permanent structure types, movable operational signage and FA directory signs.

The results

The EXPO 2020 OV-14 contract is our largest branding scope of work awarded to date; and following the two-and-a-half-year project, we were recognised by Expo with the award of Best Overlay Supplier at the event.

We ensured 85% of all waste generated during manufacture, installation and removal was diverted away from landfill. To combat this, we explored options for materials and components within our control and aligned these with local solutions that allowed us to process them sustainably and define ways we could divert away from landfill.