Girls on Track

The successful collaboration of FIA’s Girls on Track and the Dare to be Different programed continued into a second event at the Berlin E Prix in May 2019. We were asked to help with the PR and communications of this event, with the aim of raising the profile of women in motorsport and to encourage more girls to participate.


What we did

200 young girls attended the event which involved motorsport taster sessions and a panel discussion with some of the most successful and influential women in motorsport.

We were responsible for promoting the event before and after, inviting and hosting media, facilitating interviews with participants and general press office management.

The results

Coverage was generated in five different markets and including stories in Forbes Magazine, CNN and Eurosport.

Since this event, Girls on Track and Dare to be Different have merged into one organization and the movement has seen a surge in interest from young girls.


Pieces of media coverage


Online readership


Print circulation