World Cup 2019

As the technical partner of the FIBA (International Basketball Federation) equipment and venue center, we supported FIBA in the planning, scoping, design, production and installation of the branding for the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup.


What we did

For this installment of the Basketball World Cup, the tournament had expanded to 32 teams and also served as a qualification method for the Tokyo Olympics, rendering it critical that this major event was well coordinated. Our scope included the designing and delivery of all branding elements, wayfinding, and media workshops across 8 host venues.

We worked closely with a local production supplier to deliver all the branding needed for the competition, including the design and production of all assets which we then passed on to the local supplier. Working with a local task force helped to minimize shipping costs and proved to be a major asset when last-minute additions where needed.

The results



All in all, the tournament ran smoothly and we’d set the stage for a gripping tournament.