Season 4 Premiere Activation: FX Snowfall Car Wash 

Activate FX’s Snowfall Season 4 premiere in an exciting, COVID safe, and purpose driven way. 

FX Snowfall

What We Did

We designed a tricked-out 80’s drive-thru car wash experience that supported independent, black-owned businesses around Los Angeles, California. 

Through a partnership with Official Black Wall Street, we drove traffic to independent businesses owned by people of color that have been affected by the 2020 Pandemic, similar to the crack epidemic affected African American businesses in LA three decades ago.  

We also built out safety precautions and made the activation a COVID safe experience, whilst ensuring that it was a full FX Snowfall branded takeover.  

The Results

We created a successful drive-thru car wash experience that gained the attention of many, even celebrities passing by. Nearly 500 cars experienced the space within the 3-day activation. 


Issa Rae posted on her Instagram channel, “I. Love. This. passed by this car wash on my way to work like I always do and was so confused to see a long ass line. Invest those marketing dollars back into the communities you represent”.  

Series actor Amin Joseph made an appearance at the event as well. 

(The drive-thru car wash was an) opportunity to be separate, yet together... This experience was our first IRL consumer engagement since the pandemic hit. We identified the car wash as a place that not only offered an amazing service, but it also came with an existing infrastructure that did the heavy lifting.

Kenya Hardaway Green
SVP, Integrated Promotions