Partnership management & evaluation

The Jaguar TCS Racing partnership management team at CSM provide insights and analytics for both the Formula E team and its partners at key milestones during the season. With this, we are able to demonstrate the value and ROI gained from a partnership with the renowned racing outfit.

Jaguar Racing Sam Bird

What we did

Ahead of S9’s commencement and the transition from the Gen2 to highly anticipated Gen3 car, we conducted a thorough audit of the media value each partner achieved from their allocated positions in S8, to build out a commercial model to work towards Jaguar TCS Racing’s revenue targets by the end of 2026 (Season 12).

Another key deliverable is the supply of mid-season and end of season partner reports. These contain insights on the performance of Jaguar TCS Racing on-track and across the media. We also deploy our bespoke fan survey, to gauge fan opinions on both the sport and the team itself. Each partner’s objectives and KPIs are tracked using measurements such as media valuations, digital listening and market research, with the team providing a full analysis within the reports.

Complemented with our social listening tools, we provided a summary of Jaguar Racing’s social media performance across key metrics including followers, competitive benchmarking and post impressions and engagements to showcase how that benefits their partnerships.

The results

The work we provide in measurement and evaluation for Jaguar Racing has led to a growth in media values and PR reach for partners year-on-year, alongside an increase in impressions, engagements and followers for the team across its social media channels and partner channels.


As the fans of both Formula E and Jaguar TCS Racing continue to grow, our consumer insights and behavior data found in our fan survey provides a robust illustration as to the relevancy of the Jaguar TCS Racing platform for partners to achieve their business objectives.