MLB London Series

When Major League Baseball brought regular season baseball to London for the first time, they worked exclusively with CSM to create, price, market, sell and deliver a hospitality programme at London Stadium that would provide guests with an authentic ballpark experience with a British twist.


What we did

We developed a hierarchy of hospitality products that delivered on baseball’s traditions while introducing unique features to mark the game’s arrival in London. The CSM team created a marketing campaign and sold directly via our hospitality database and a dedicated sales team conducting prospect outreach.

The results

We put on London Stadium’s largest ever hospitality programme with just under 6,000 guests attending across the weekend of games. Those that attended were asked to score the quality of service, F&B, ambiance and overall quality of experience on a 5-point scale and the average score was 4.6 (92%) with a Net Promoter Score of +56.


Guests attended


Reported quality of experience


Net promoter score