Chelsea FC

MSC Cruises wanted us to generate user growth within its partnerships database, utilizing its access to Chelsea FC as an Official Partner. The end goal? To collect credible leads for the MSC Cruises sales team, converting Chelsea FC fans into cruise holiday buyers.

MSC Cruises

What we did

Leveraging Chelsea FC player image rights to create engaging storylines that fans can interact with, we’ve built tactical data acquisition campaigns.

As part of that, we’ve developed detailed promotional plans, making use of Chelsea FC and MSC Cruises’ social channels, database communications – including newsletters and Solus emails – and paid media campaigns to drive mass 1st party data gathering efforts.

With that in place, we also created a substantial lead nurture plan to continually engage the collected fan audience with current cruise deals or club news, pushing them further down the conversion funnel.

The results

Thus far we have achieved a 52% opt in rate across all data acquisition campaigns, and collected 10,000 credible booking leads for the MSC sales team.

Partnership awareness has also increased from 15% to 89% in the space of two years within the Chelsea FC fanbase.

With our activity continuing throughout the 2022/23 Premier League season, we hope to continue the rapid growth of our database whilst generating even more credible leads.


Digital campaigns


ROI for 'Do It In Style' draw


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