Outlaw Triathlon Series

We promote and organise the award-winning Outlaw Triathlon Series. After a challenging 2020, the aim was to successfully run all five event weekends in 2021 and continue to expand the Series into 2022 and beyond.

Outlaw main

What we did

Attracting athletes back to outdoor mass participation events in the immediate aftermath of Covid-19 proved to be relatively easier than maintaining their enthusiasm through subsequent difficult economic times. The 2021 Series sold out and exceeded previous entry records, yet 2022 was challenging. However, the opening event of the 2023 Series is bigger than ever, with entry enquiries continuing long after the event sold out.

The Series has been repackaged into inclusive ‘weekends’ with new supporting events including kids runs, 10km run events and open water swims added to the schedules. A new Outlaw Sprint event has been launched in order to broaden the reach of the brand and attract new athletes into the sport.

All events take place at stunning locations with on-site camping, local foods, live DJs and packaged activities for families. We strive to make all level of athlete feel welcome and supported, then we add a little bit of star-dust in the form of professional athletes racing for prize money.

The results

Competitor feedback has been outstanding, reaching near to 100% positive praise and a high desire to return. The Outlaw Triathlon Series continues to attract awards and praise, and exceed entry capacities.