TaylorMade Golf Europe

Grow TaylorMade’s 1st party database from scratch.

Work on understanding more about golfers, what they want to see and what they engage with to shape content strategy.

TaylorMade body

What we did 

Developed & built a huge variety of fan engagement tools & data acquisition mechanics.

Offering fans once in a lifetime experiences & high value prizes: From winning a round of golf with Rory McIlroy to winning your dream full set of TaylorMade golf clubs & many more in between.

Collecting vast amounts of fan data points, allowing TaylorMade to have a clear picture on the preferences & attributes of their audience.

Utilising the knowledge above to develop an in-depth lead nurture strategy allowing us to send highly relevant & targeted communications.

Further audience understanding has assisted TaylorMade to inform their overarching local and global marketing strategy.

The results

Through a series of engaging prize draws we have built TaylorMade’s opted-in audience all the way from scratch up to large database of highly engaged & enriched contacts.

The rich data we have collected has enabled TaylorMade to send highly targeted email communications, performing well above the industry averages.


Data acquisition campaigns delivered


Survey completion rate


Higher click rate than industry average