Scuderia Ferrari F1 partnership

Since the inception of UPS’s partnership with the Scuderia Ferrari F1 team in 2013, we have developed and managed a research program that measures the media audience, exposure and value derived from the branding rights that UPS receive per season, against the brand’s sponsorship objectives.

UPS audience research, insights and trends

What we did

With support from Nielsen Sports research services, we provide UPS with a comprehensive evaluation of their media reach and engagement across F1 TV, social media and esports coverage. This involves supplying UPS with accurate and up-to-date media evaluation summaries.

In these reports, we focus on Ferrari’s performance in the context of other teams, and benchmark UPS’s results against competitor brands and the wider F1 sponsor ecosystem. A key part of the delivery is to uncover and analyse emerging trends, enabling UPS to understand whether a change in results is linked to audience interest levels, Ferrari’s team performance, the level of UPS brand visibility, or other circumstances.

The results

Prior to the Covid hit 2020 season, UPS registered a steady growth in media value, with 2019 producing record returns across the eight years of the partnership.

In conjunction with this, Ferrari’s on-track performance and team TV coverage improved over the period, with the latter reaching its highest % share amongst the teams during the 2019 season.

In more recent years the F1 media landscape has diversified to promote coverage via social media and esports outlets. This has allowed UPS to reach new audiences and provided them with more opportunities for brand visibility across these outlets.


TV networks showcasing the UPS brand


Territories reached via TV coverage


TV viewers of UPS branding worldwide

CSM has been UPS’s Motorsport agency for over a decade, providing industry insight, consultancy, communications and events delivery. From a strategy and consultancy perspective, it is reassuring to know that CSM has a dedicated team of experts to call upon for the latest statistical analysis which can help to demonstrate the value of our partnerships.

Jennifer Oliveras
Director, Global Sponsorship and Corporate Events