Our Global Fan Survey is a proprietary piece of market research carried out by our Strategy & Consulting team in partnership with Watermelon Research. It provides us with detailed data on sports fans around the world.

Our research in 2021 comprised more than 34,000 respondents in 29 countries across six continents, with our sample representative of the adult population aged 16-64 in each country.


What It Tells Us

This covers their demographics – both personal and business, passion points, interest in more than 40 sports and 150 events and competitions, as well as their claimed consumption of more than 100 products across a variety of categories. These include automotive, consumer electronics, online services, fashion, beverages and financial services.

Using analytical software, we use this data to create tailored audience profiles and bespoke analysis to advise current and potential clients on the optimal partnership strategy to fulfil their objectives.

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How We Use It

We’ve used it to profile audiences for new and emerging properties, such as The Hundred, and evaluate sports that are rising in popularity, like UFC, providing rights holders and brands with a more rounded picture of fanbases in every corner of the globe.

In short, it gives us the edge when it comes to understanding and engaging sport lovers the world over, enabling us to provide our clients with timely, relevant data that we believe helps them make sound business