5 minutes with Dan Mannix


Meet our CEO, North America

Describe your career in 5 words.

Lean forward, mentors, change, teamwork, carpe diem & positivity - bring it every day and good things will happen. More than five, but six is my lucky number!

LeadDog has recently rebranded to CSM LeadDog, bringing them even closer to the CSM Sport and Entertainment Group. Why was the change needed and what does it mean for the business?

The name change brings together two names and a unique service offering for brands both domestically and internationally. The name combines the global presence, scale and strength of CSM in our HQ market of London, with the broader brand awareness of the LeadDog name in North America. The combination can leverage both names to create new business opportunities. It also brings together our consulting business and the brand experiences and activation work that we do under one name, creating a more full-service solution for clients.

CSM LeadDog recently released their Purpose Trend Report which looks at the brands leading the way when it comes to corporate responsibility. How do you think purpose will affect the way brands work going forwards? How influential can it be?

Purpose is now a point of authenticity for brands. As social impact is creating relevance in the space that is based on a commitment to progress, brands must stand for something and take action to empower consumers through impactful experiences. I think it will be the single biggest component that becomes more relevant to brands over the next 3-5 years. At CSM, we take social impact seriously, harnessing the power of our business to positively impact our employees, local communities, and the environment.

In your new role as CEO of CSM North America, what is your vision for the business in North America and how do you see the sport and entertainment industry evolving?

My vision for the business in North America begins with people.  I want us to continue adding passion for what we do, to work with great partners, and abide by principles that can’t be compromised. With different perspectives that comes from having a diversity of people, backgrounds and thinking, the potential is there to do amazing things. We have to believe that together we are stronger and can create more value for our partners, which makes it so important for everyone to collaborate, to share, to understand the various business units and bring a solutions agnostic approach to their work.

As for the sports and entertainment industry, it is evolving every day and it is crucial we stay ahead of the curve by adding the right people and making sure that we are going in the right direction. By listening to our partners, investing in our people and with the right tools, we will put ourselves in the best position to form smart insights that will lead to big, simple ideas. Bringing a solutions oriented approach to develop multi-touchpoint integrated campaigns will differentiate us from competitors, as will offering a purpose driven marketing perspective, and creating social impact from our various sports and entertainment projects

When not at work, what would we find you doing?

Outside of work you can find me in Brooklyn with my energetic son, Jackson, and my amazing wife, Michelle. When in Brooklyn, in my free time I am normally chasing Jackson around a park, playing goalie in Jackson’s pickup soccer matches or getting schooled by him in one of many video games. On the weekend, we love to get out of the city and go out to Orient, which is at the very tip of the North Fork of Long Island. We love to play Yahtzee at Orient by the Sea, a fun restaurant at the marina, and I often spend time there on a kayak. I also enjoy going to a farmer’s market or something else food related with Michelle, who loves to cook and I am lucky because I love to eat!


Dan was recently named in BizBash's Top 500 People in Events in North America; a prestigious group representing the best of the meeting and event industry across America. To find out more, click here.