5 minutes with Gina Hagedorn

Describe your career in 5 Words.

Say Yes. Have a Plan.

Having worked at LeadDog for nearly 15 years, what’s the most memorable moment of your career so far?

It's a toss up between the many nights I “slept” in Central Park with the raccoons while setting up for Susan G. Komen’s Race for the Cure, and, the time I rode a bike from San Francisco to San Diego with a few colleagues to raise money for Cycle for Survival in memory of its founder.

Following LeadDog’s rebrand to CSM LeadDog, with all the North American CSM teams working more closely together, what opportunities and benefits does that bring to both our partners and our people? 

We are starting to uncover a new secret sauce within the people and teams in North America. We are seeing that when we get the right mix of people together the value we can bring our partners is pretty incredible.

I do feel we are uniquely positioned to bring an “all under one house” experience to our partners - but what really sets us apart in my opinion is that we genuinely care more than other agencies - we hear it time and again, it is seen in everything we do, and it’s why our partners want to work with us. That care stems from the incredible group of people we have and continue to build. We are just scratching the surface as to what we can do together.

Looking ahead, what do you think 2019 has in store for the industry? What trends and/or technologies will be most talked about this year?

In terms of the industry, we continue to see our partners wanting an integrated approach to the work, so while developing an experience may be at the core, it is everything around that experience that gives it legs - which speaks to why our broader story is and will continue to resonate with groups. The intersection of social impact and brands continues to be an area of focus - and we find our partners (and their audiences) want to genuinely do good.

For our teams, we have some amazing work already in the hopper. We just need to continute to get into a groove, do more of what is working, do less of what is not working, create incredible value for our partners, find ways to give back and do good in the world, and most importantly - have fun!

When not at work, what will we find you doing?

If the weather ever warms up, I hopefully will be at the beach searching for sea glass with my 3 kids and husband. Or playing tennis!